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what do i have to do?

Am not free yet, but you cant organise a RWT in one day, as I have problem to decide what I will have for lunch, better for me to search where I will go when I will recover my freedom. It´s so much easier.

For the one of you, who haven´t read the previous blog, am not in jail...may be in an asylium that´s will explain so much. Am may be a bit insane but i dont try to cure myself so i should get better soon.

Since I was little I have a facination with Mogolia. I cant really explain why? May be going to the circus and watching this ten years old kids doing the most impressive contortions, is a start to the answer.

So when the question about where will be the next trip, It came to me really naturally to do the transmogolian, the first question:

Do it by myself or booking a tour?

Booking a tour will take off all the hassles about visas and train tickets however I will loose my freedom. It´s always a big question while preparing a trip, specially when organising the first one.

The question came up to me 7 years ago when so fed up of my job I decided to join some aussies girls on their way home through Africa.

They proudly announced me, we will be leaving from Cairo to CapeTown using public transport. I dropped my cuppa on the sofa and did not even moved. The first question which came to me was: Are you serious?

On my way to the kitchen, trying to clean up my mess I was really unsure if I will go with them. However these girls look so sure it was possible and....safe that i finished to convince myself that I could survive to it.

I had no clue how I should organise this trip and I dont think the girls had much more clues than me. I never regretted not going with a tour, I think we were lucky enough to see everything and It came to me much cheaper.

First step we decided of an itininary. Dont think that the easiest part, four girls arguing over which country to go to, it´s like the first day of sale in H&M.

Say the same than me or I kill you. Was basically their moto!!!!!

I decided to read all the travelling books and see where were the must not miss places. You know there are the places which just saying the name you are already gone. Mine were Victoria Falls, pyramids, lamentation wall ans so many more.

Quite surprising, it took us just over a month to make a list, and we were still in talking terms after we sorted out.

The second step was enquiring if we needed visa and special vaccinations for the defined countries. It is not the easier step and definately the most expensive.
But we had no choice, you really cant say I take the chance, there is no place for bargaining is step two. Choose a good travel clinic compared the prices and does it.

The third step I packed, not all my wardrobe, we are not international remover.

Have you ever see a snail with two or three shells ????

Me either, so no need to try to fit your all house in a bagpack, it wont fit. Liquid soap will replace your dear washing machine, and they have shops in other countries than yours!!!!!!!!!!!

Am still working on step one Transmogolian (russia, china and Mongolia) then flying to Laos or Cambodia and see if I can be helpful at something.

I have still so much work to do on step one That I guess will take me ages to get to step four .......buying the tube ticket to go to the airport......heheheheheheheeheh

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Could I be stable one day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Have you ever heard your dear mummy and daddy ask when are you going to get a real job and buy an house, get married have kids? Mines dont stop, they even try to get me a dog. My answer was how will I take care of a dog if I cant take care of myself. Cooking three times a day, means you have done shopping and though about what you were going to cook. Far to difficult for me.

I can organise you a trip around the world, trains, flight tickets, car renting, hotels but I cant organise what I will have for lunch.

Four years ago, I just came back from a four months trip around south america. I had this nice feeling of having a shower next door to my room, being able to put my clean clothes in the closet, and calling my friends for few drinks at the pub.

I had all my security system down, I had my jab of travel done, and I was happy. That´s when the worse happened. My parents told me I was nearly thirty and it was time for me to enter the family business. I was so high up of all the beautiful things I saw in south America that I said "yes of course, where should I sign"

It´s how I start running a family bed and breakfast in a remote country called Andorra. Not too bad at 27 years old at first view.What I did not know was what it means. I realize it far too late. No days off and holidays, and problems over my head. Obviously to make the thing easier I did not even speak the local language.

What can I say A DREAM COME TRUE.

We are now four years later and I did my teenage rebelion. I officially announce that I was leaving, just the time to find someone to put in my jail and I could start dusting my bagpack.

Next step is organizing another trip of a lifetime.

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